Daily Affirmations for Kids: Enhance the Power of Positive Mindset

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Kids, just like adults, need positive daily affirmations. When nurtured, positive thinking helps foster resilience in kids. It is a powerful coping tool. A child with a positive mindset learns to manage life’s inevitable disappointments such as failing a test, rejection from a school program or not making a sports team, better.

Children need our guidance and help to harness a positive mindset. Encouraging daily positive affirmations help kids face the world with a positive outlook. The more our children share their positive energies, the better the world will be.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations or positive statements are everything that we repeatedly say to ourselves in our thoughts or loud. The RAS (Reticular Activating System) is part of the brain responsible for making words that get repeated over time a part of our character — negative or positive. Affirmations affect both the subconscious and conscious mind. They affect our habits, thinking patterns, behaviour and environment.

Positive statements make us feel active, energetic and positive. Therefore, by affirming ourselves daily, we can transform our external and inner worlds.

Repeating positive affirmations help to block negative banter that goes on inside our heads when we aren’t mindful of our thoughts. Positive affirmations also act as a placebo. What does this mean? It means that if you believe strongly that will work, then the chance is high they will.

Why Daily Affirmations are Important to Children?

We understand that exercise, sleep, hydration and nutrition are crucial for the physical survival of our kids — be it boys or girls. In the same way, positive affirmations are equally important for kids’ mental and emotional well-being. With a positive mindset, kids have a better chance of developing their intelligence.

Here are some of the valuable benefits of affirmations to our kids:

  • Helps boost confidence
  • Validates effort and acknowledge
  • Helps build resilience
  • Helps children with their inner dialogue

Reasons Why Affirmations May Not Work

Affirmations might not work if they are too outrageous to be believed either on a subconscious or conscious level. For instance, telling yourself ‘’I’m the world’s fastest runner’’ wouldn’t work in most instance, but, ‘’I’m a fast and strong runner,’’ would. In fact, the latter statement is not only possible but also believable for many runners.

Secondly, affirmations do not work if they contain lies. For an affirmation to work, it needs to have some element of truth.

Some of the other reasons why affirmations might not work include:

  • We do not repeat them as often as we ought to
  • We affirm a phrase (s) without meaning
  • The affirmation is something that we really do not want or intend to do
  • We do not acknowledge and/or release any negative thought that might arise

An Effective Approach for Doing Affirmations

An effective approach for doing affirmations is by practising positive affirmations daily. When kids feel safe to express positive thoughts or feelings, it helps them come to the surface more. Once they learn how to think positively from a young age, they stand a greater chance of leading successful, healthy, and happy lives as adults.

Use these strategies as your guide to affirmations:

  • Refrain from criticizing your child too much
  • Avoid being too overprotective
  • Always lead by example with positive attitudes and approaches
  • In your own life, interpret things positively
  • Do not be too restrictive in explorations and activities
  • Acknowledge the negatives. Assist your kid to process them
  • Help your kid (s) feel comfortable with their emotions
  • Surround them with positive people
  • Encourage strong values and morals

20 Positive Affirmations That Can Be Used Daily

  1. You are courageous
  2. You are smart
  3. You are beautiful
  4. You can learn anything
  5. I love you
  6. I appreciate you
  7. I’m proud of you
  8. I believe in you
  9. You have great ideas
  10. You are wonderfully unique
  11. You are truly amazing
  12. You are a great kid
  13. My life is better with you in it
  14. You are generous
  15. You are creative
  16. You are friendly
  17. You are worth my love
  18. You can make a difference
  19. You matter to me
  20. You can do anything you put your mind into

100 Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids — Free Printable

Daily Affirmations for Kids

Click here to download daily positive affirmations for kids


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Originally published at https://mummyandchild.com on January 21, 2020.



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